The Friendship Show

Celebrating our gal pals, our BFFs and the power of female friendship!

This show is all about the power of female friendship! Gal pals and funny ladies Chelsea Handler and Kathy Najimy stop by, along with one of Katie’s best friends who surprises her with the one and the only, Larry King! Larry will settle the score once and for all with Katie about their date many years ago! Then, you’ll meet Thelma and Kay who have been inseparable friends for 75 years, a group of fabulous women who have gone above and beyond to be there for each other, and the newest trend – an online site that matches women with great female friends.

Please be aware this show is a repeat so sweepstakes and promotions are no longer available

We all know Lucy and Ethel, Laverne and Shirley and Thelma and Louise. But it’s the off-screen, real-life friendships that prove Hollywood has a heart. Funny ladies Chelsea Handler and Kathy Najimy have been good friends since they first met.

“A woman is like the most intimate you can be with somebody.” -Chelsea Handler

Katie has been blessed to have so many great girlfriends who have seen her through the good times and bad. But there has been one friend who’s been there for Katie for a whopping 34 years – Katie’s BFF Wendy Walker!

“I knew then there was something there.” -Wendy Walker

What really happened on Katie and Larry King’s date? Wendy Walker is the only one who knows both sides of the story. She helps set the record straight once and for all.

“My memory is we kissed.” -Larry King

If you’re looking for a few good friends, there’s no shortage of potential candidates waiting for you online. More and more women are turning to the Internet to find platonic pals and expand their social horizons. Shasta Nelson from San Francisco is the founder of, which is like the for friends. Karen Culp, Channasa Taylor, Michelle Scott and Julia Kraus are New York City women who all met friends through the website.

“It doesn’t just feel good, it actually is very good for us.” -Shasta Nelson

Having close friends has helped Katie get through her toughest moments, including after her husband Jay died in 1998. At 41-years-old, Katie became a widow and needed her friends more than ever. Becky Aikman knows exactly how that feels. After losing her husband to cancer and getting tossed out of a traditional widow’s support group, Becky started her own, and this group of young widows became great friends.

“I wanted to look forward, not back.” -Becky Aikman

The “Saturday Night Widows” have made it their mission to move forward amidst the unthinkable tragedy of losing their spouses. How have they embarked on finding love and joy in life again?

“We’ve learned the importance of fun in the healing process.” -Dawn Jiosi

Katie recently asked all of you to send in your best friend stories. One that really touched her was Nicole Griffiths, who’s friends rallied around her after her husband was deployed to Africa.

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