Mommy’s Little Helper

What would you do to become a “better” mom? On this episode, hear the shocking confessions of Super-Moms. These moms are willing to do whatever it takes to be happy, skinny and sexy with “Mommy’s Little Helper” — the drugs they swear by! Find out the horrifying truth as Katie speaks with a mother who almost lost her family after becoming addicted to Adderall. Then, Katie sits down exclusively with the mother who was featured in a controversial article, “Xanax Makes Me a Better Mom.” Plus, some advice from the experts.

Marile Borden is a Boston mom of two who organized a Facebook page called, “Moms Who Need Wine,” which currently has more than 650,500 followers. Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is a mom from Los Angeles who used to enjoy a drink or two at playdates, but gave up alcohol after a big wake-up call.

“There are way more moms than you think that are a little tipsy.”
-Stefanie Wilder-Taylor


An increasing number of moms say the secret to crossing everything off on that to-do list is a little pill. Our online survey showed that approximately one in four mothers take prescription drugs to help with the pressures of motherhood. Meredith Soleau from Toledo, Ohio and Darlene Wilkerson from Franklin, Virginia say Adderall has made them better, more productive moms.

“I don’t know how I would have been able to handle what I handled…if I wasn’t on it.” -Darlene Wilkerson


In the past decade, there has been a 750% increase in Adderall prescriptions for women between the ages of 26 and 39. The potentially addictive pill can be a gateway to deadly street drugs like meth, speed and cocaine – something Lauren Younger from Orange County, California found out first hand.

“The meth made me feel on top of the world.” -Lauren Younger


“Xanax Makes Me Be a Better Mom” was a headline on this month’s cover of Parenting magazine. The article has created a huge debate across the country and has also generated a massive, mostly critical, response online. J.D. Bailey is a Boston mother of two who was featured in the article and decided to reveal herself for the first time on Katie.

“I could feel the depression creeping back in and I knew I needed the assistance.” -J.D. Bailey


Alcohol and prescription drugs are not the only things stressed out moms are turning to for relief today. Sometimes, it’s the Internet. Over the past few years, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a host of other sites have become an escape for many moms. Jacqueline Hadden is a mother of two from Los Angeles who says that her obsession with Facebook was so extreme that it jeopardized her marriage and her children.

“I was completely disengaged from my entire family.” -Jacqueline Hadden


Why do mothers turn to these vices and how do we stop ourselves from going too far? Dr. Julie Holland, psychiatrist and author of Weekends at Bellevue, helps women navigate the rough road we travel as moms.

“It’s really potentially traumatic for the kids.” -Dr. Julie Holland


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