General Hospital’s 50th Anniversary Extravaganza!

Katie goes behind-the scenes at GH to bring you all the secrets of Port Charles! A sneak preview of Katie’s first soap cameo, an exclusive interview with Luke and Laura, plus: Kin Shriner, Maurice Benard, Finola Hughes, and Kelly Monaco, and a special performance by Rick Springfield!

Since 1963, the seventh floor of General Hospital has been one busy place. All the drama, the shocking plot twists and all of those steamy love scenes have made Port Charles the romance capital of the daytime world. Among the show’s most famous couples are Luke and Laura. 30 million viewers tuned in to watch them tie the knot. The real life Luke and Laura, Tony Geary and Genie Francis, chat with Katie to talk about their on-screen romance.

“They wrote a beautiful, unconventional love story.” -Tony Geary

As we all know, love on General Hospital is never easy. In Luke and Laura’s case, a guy named Scotty Baldwin made sure of that. Kin Shriner is the man behind “the other man.”

“I could probably buy [Laura’s heart].” -Kin Shriner

Behind every great man is an even greater woman. And on General Hospital, these women know how to deliver a killer one-liner and aren’t afraid to let their feelings be known. Finola Hughes and Kelly Monaco are two of our favorite feisty GH ladies.

“I describe her as a bad girl with good intentions.” -Kelly Monaco

Since 1963, some of the biggest stars in Hollywood have flocked to Port Charles and some even got their start there. Among them is the very handsome Jack Wagner.

“My daughter found me.” -Jack Wagner

If there’s one thing the General Hospital cast members say over and over again, it’s that the fans are the heart of the show. Everyone in the audience is a hardcore General Hospital fan, so we asked three of them to team up with a GH star for a trivia contest.

“Four times! That’s ridiculous!” -Finola Hughes

Rick Springfield is the voice behind hit songs like, “Don’t Talk to Strangers” and, of course, “Jessie’s Girl.” But we first met the singing sensation in 1981, when he came to Port Charles as heartthrob Dr. Noah Drake.

“It was a very important part of my life.” -Rick Springfield

And because one time was not enough, Katie and Jack Wagner get cozy one more time…

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