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Talk about winning! It’s Charlie Sheen’s “Katie” takeover! The reformed bad boy takes the reins and even catches Katie in a hidden camera surprise. It’s Katie’s no-holds barred interview and nothing is off the table: Will he ever marry again? And how does he feel about being a grandfather? Plus, his honest thoughts on how his private life played out in the public eye.

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Charlie Sheen is a Hollywood bad boy who needs no introduction. Although he has been in the spotlight for the past 30 years, it was his very public meltdown that made him notorious. The reformed bad boy shares his honest thoughts on how his private life played out in the public eye and answers the question everyone wants to know – what was he on?

“I just broke. I just snapped. I just melted.” -Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was at the height of his career, making two million dollars an episode on his hit comedy Two and a Half Men when he was terminated. What really happened and what does Charlie think about his replacement Ashton Kutcher?

“It was a quagmire of oppression.” -Charlie Sheen

At just 47-years-old Charlie Sheen has three ex-wives, five kids and is about to become a grandfather. Charlie gushes about the new addition to the family and tells Katie whether he will ever give marriage another try.

“You can’t control who people are, who they become.” -Charlie Sheen

Charlie had a brilliant idea to take Katie to Times Square for a little challenge to see who would get more autograph requests in five minutes. And like everything else in Charlie’s life, it was an epic event!

“My friends call me the drunk Robin Hood.” -Charlie Sheen

Charlie’s career is now back in full swing. His show Anger Management on FX is starting its second season and he also has new movie out this week with Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman and Patricia Arquette called A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan The Third.

“It’s been a great trip back.” -Charlie Sheen

We were flooded with questions for Charlie from our viewers when they heard he was coming on the show. Here’s what they wanted to know about the star.

“I’m all about gold dental work.” -Charlie Sheen

Katie has been having a lot of fun with Charlie Sheen, but the day didn’t exactly start out well. Take a look at the news Charlie gave Katie right before the show.

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