Katie’s Hollywood Takeover: Eva Longoria, Maya Rudolph and Mindy Kaling

Maya Rudolph and Mindy Kaling are making us laugh! Why is Mindy dreaming about saving Ben Affleck’s life? Then, Eva Longoria on life after Wisteria Lane, and she and Katie whip up a little margarita madness together! Plus, set secrets from “Pretty Little Liars” with magician and entertainer Justin Willman.

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From her seven seasons on Saturday Night Live to her role as an over-the-top talk show host on Up All Night to her part as the unforgettable bride-to-be in Bridesmaids, Maya Rudolph brings a whole new meaning to the term running gag.

“I just love her so much and I know she loves me.” –Maya Rudolph

Eva Longoria is one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. She is an actress, producer, philanthropist and restaurateur. On top of all of that, she is absolutely stunning.

“I didn’t mean to be an actor.” –Eva Longoria

The last time Katie and Eva Longoria were together, they made guacamole. Now they are stepping it up a notch and making Eva’s famous watermelon margaritas.

“Katie just likes to drink!” –Eva Longoria

Katie is in Hollywood all week long and she couldn’t resist doing a little set crashing. There are so many popular shows that film there and one of them is Pretty Little Liars, the ABC Family mystery that keeps everyone guessing. With the help of magician and entertainer Justin Willman, Katie was able to get a few answers.

“It’s all a lie!” –Justin Willman

Katie would say Mindy Kaling is the next big thing, but she already is. She’s the creator, writer, and star of The Mindy Project on Fox and TIME magazine just described her as “brilliant, wonderful, and hilarious.”

“When I’m sleeping, I just want to wake up so I can go back to living my dream.” –Mindy Kaling

Since Mindy is such a huge fan of romantic comedies and Katie is a huge fan of games, Katie thought it would be fun to play little game called The Rom-Com Project.

“I’m ready to destroy your team.” –Mindy Kaling

Want to see Los Angeles through the eyes of a Hollywood star? Melissa Joan Hart is taking you on a tour of her favorite spots in LA.

“Who doesn’t love Hollywood glamour?” –Melissa Joan Hart

To wrap up day two in Hollywood, Justin Willman shows off two of his favorite magic tricks. Are you as amazed as Katie is?

“I can’t tell if you’re into this or mocking me.” –Justin Willman

WATCH: So who’s A?! Justin Willman crashes the “Pretty Little Liars” set

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