Hollywood Heartthrobs All Grown Up

All-time favorite Hollywood hunks of TV, film and music from the ‘80s and ‘90s! Catch up and get the latest scoop on the lives of Ian Ziering, Ricky Schroder, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Dean Cain and Christopher Atkins. And, Gerardo performs his one hit wonder “Rico Suave!”

In the 1990’s, the world was introduced to a new handful of hunks with the pop culture phenomenon 90210. You may remember 90210’s lovable mischief maker Steve Sanders, played by Ian Ziering. After ten years on the hit TV show, Ian has kept busy with countless guest spots on TV shows, movies and starring in season four of Dancing With The Stars. Now at 49-years-old, Ian is dancing again with a lot less clothes, channeling his inner Magic Mike as part of the Chippendales Male Revue in Las Vegas.

“As an actor, you never know what to expect.” –Ian Ziering

Ricky Schroder first captured on hearts in his debut appearance in the ultimate comeback movie The Champ. It was not long until Ricky was breaking girls’ hearts across the country in the hit show Silver Spoons. As he got older Ricky was not afraid to push the boundaries on TV with memorable performances in Lonesome Dive and NYPD Blue. Now in his 40’s, Ricky is still going strong and is as adorable as ever.

“I was the youngest Golden Globe recipient.” –Ricky Schroder

Christopher Atkins was the 1980’s “it” boy, landing countless Teen and Tiger Beat covers, and even some in Playgirl. It all started 33 years ago when Christopher made a big splash in the hit movie The Blue Lagoon. After taking years off in the spotlight to raise a family, Christopher is now getting back to work in Hollywood.

“I couldn’t keep my clothes on.” –Christopher Atkins

The Cosby Show was a groundbreaking show that changed attitudes and made audiences laugh at the same time. The Huxtable kids were always up to something, especially Theo played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner. 30 years later, Malcolm credits on screen father Bill Cosby for the start of his success and is now making a career of his own.

“The experience of working on the show was incredible.” –Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Before Henry Cavil donned the infamous Superman cape, there was another Clark Kent. Heart throb Dean Cain played Superman for four seasons on the hit show Louis and Clark: The Adventures of Superman. Now, Dean is trading in his Superman cape for a basketball coach’s whistle and heating up the small screen again in VH1’s new TV seriesHit the Floor.

“It was the most amazing way to start a career.” –Dean Cain

Do you remember “Rico Suave”? Gerardo Mejía’s hit 1991 song reached number seven on the billboard charts, but his dance moves and abs were number one to fans. What is “Rico Suave” up to now?

“I get to reach to those people that we all think are unreachable.” –Gerardo Mejía

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