Shirley Jones Tells All and Women & Sex

Shirley Jones’ revealing interview on love, sex, family and relationships. Plus, the top five reasons women aren’t having sex and the solutions to fix them. And, the controversial pill that could change sex for women forever.

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Is your libido not what it used to be? Is the desire to have sex a distant memory? An estimated 40 million women in the United States report having a low libido. And, a recent poll conducted by The Kinsey Institute showed that more than 15% of married women ages 30 to 49 have not had sex for one year. Why are women losing their sex drive?

“Two out of every five women in this studio audience are not interested in sex.” –Laurie Watson

Would you take a pill that could help boost your libido? A new drug called Lybrido, which aims to improve sexual desire in women, is making its way onto the market.

“The testosterone tells your brain it’s a good idea to have sex.” –Dr. Andrew Goldstein

Do you find that you are never in the mood to have sex? Well, there may be some things you could do help get your sex drive out of neutral and back into high gear. Wellness coach David Jack shares simple ways to feel good and drastically boost your sex life.

“Yoga can not only improve physical wellness, but also releases stress.” –David Jack

Do you have an embarrassing question about sex but are too afraid to ask? Don’t worry because Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, sex therapist Laurie Watson and Dr. Andrew Goldstein are answering your most embarrassing questions and saving you an awkward moment at your next doctor’s visit.

“We can own sex.” –Laurie Watson

Academy-award winning Shirley Jones was America’s sweetheart before the term was even invented. From starring in classic musicals like The Music Man to her role as Mrs. Partridge in The Patridge Family, her career has spanned more than five decades. Now, in her new memoir, Shirley Jones is revealing her true self, and she is nothing like the Mrs. Partridge you grew up with.

“I loved doing the show, it gave me a chance to raise my kids.” –Shirley Jones

While it may seem like Shirley Jones had a fairy tale life, there was a very dark side to her first marriage. Shirley opens up about what really went on behind closed doors.

“I have no regrets whatsoever.” –Shirley Jones

You may not believe it, but Shirley Jones is about to turn 80-years-old! What are her anti-aging secrets?

“Sex keeps you young.” –Shirley Jones

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