Pot Moms of Beverly Hills & “Red”-Hot Helen Mirren!

Meet the marijuana mommas of Beverly Hills and hear why they say smoking cannabis makes them better moms and business women. Then, Helen Mirren stops by to talk about her latest project. And, Mom entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to Katie and to real life experts.

Marijuana has gone from being called the “evil weed from hell” to a place where it is now being used legally in many states. 48% of Americans say they’ve tried marijuana at some point in their lives, and the old stereotypes of stoners are going up in smoke. California mom, Cheryl Shuman, runs a multimillion dollar business at Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and hosts regular parties at her home where she and other moms cook, eat, smoke and vaporize with marijuana.

“I used cannabis as a last resort and it saved my life.” –Cheryl Shuman


52% of Americans now believe that marijuana should be legal and attitudes continue to shift as to whether usage should be a crime. CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, has just finished a year-long investigation on marijuana for the upcoming documentary Weed.

“We don’t study it because it is illegal.” –Dr. Sanjay Gupta


Helen Mirren’s career has spanned over five decades, ranging from steamy roles in movies like Calendar Girls to solidifying her place in Hollywood’s royal family in The Queen. Well into her 60’s, Helen continues to break the mold as a sex symbol and has been named as one of People Magazine’s most beautiful. This summer, Helen is ready for action again with two new movies, Monsters University and reprising her character, Victoria, in Red 2.

“I do have my heels of course, what I call my secret weapon.” –Helen Mirren


Helen Mirren’s Oscar winning role as Queen Elizabeth in The Queen not only personally touched Helen, but allowed her to make one little boy’s dream come true.

“It was a lovely moment.” –Helen Mirren


Have you ever seen an infomercial for a new product or picked up a gadget and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Some women have had a Eureka moment like that and were able to turn their dreams into a reality. Sara Blakely, the inventor and founder of Spanx, and Rebecca Minkoff, a luxury handbag, accessories and apparel designer, have done just that and are succeeding in big ways. Now Sara and Rebecca are helping Katie judge three “Mothers of Intervention” that are hoping to turn their ideas into big businesses.

“I launched a handbag and it took off like wildfire.” –Rebecca Minkoff


Final contestants of Katie’s “Mother of Invention” contest, Karen Wildman and Lisa Holmes, show off their liquid protecting Bheestie Bags. How did this innovative product come about?

“We put together the Bheestie Bag which you can put a wet cell phone in.” –Lisa Holmes


It is the moment of truth, Katie, Sara Blakely and Rebecca Minkoff’s votes are in. Which “Mother of Invention” is the Katie winner and will be taking home a cash prize to help grow her business?

“Congratulations to all of you, you’re already in the .001%.” –Sara Blakely


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