Why Do Women Drink? Plus, ‘The Exes’ & Adam Richman

Cable news journalist Laurie Dhue opens up about her public battle with alcoholism and why drinking among women is on the rise. Could you also have a drinking problem – and not even know it? Then, The Exes sitcom stars Donald Faison, Wayne Knight, David Alan Basche and Kristen Johnston share behind-the-scenes secrets and on-set stories. And, Travel Channel’s Adam Richman profiles his new show on ultimate super-fans.

From cosmos to chardonnay, women are drinking more than ever, and not just in bars. A recent Gallup poll found that two-thirds of American women drink regularly, the highest percentage in the last 25 years. It’s even more shocking how much women are drinking. This year the CDC reported that one in eight women binge drink three times a month. Gabrielle Glaser’s new book Her Best-Kept Secret, dives into the reasons why women are drinking more, when it’s becoming a problem and how to stop before it causes more harm than just a hangover.

“There’s almost no better anxiety antidote than a glass of wine.” –Gabrielle Glaser

News anchor Laurie Dhue is one of the most recognizable faces in the business. But what her fans couldn’t see was a dark secret that could have cost her everything. For 15 years, Laurie hid her struggle with alcohol from friends, family and colleagues. However, Laurie has taken her life back into her own hands and is speaking out on her battle with alcohol dependency.

“I was fairly drunk when I met President Bush.” –Laurie Dhue

TV Land’s hit series The Exes delivers one punch line after another. And nothing is off limits with The Exes’ cast members Donald Faison, Wayne Knight, Kristen Johnston and David Alan Basche.

“On this show we’ve all become really good friends.” –Wayne Knight

Because Katie loves games, Katie and the cast of TV Land’s The Exes are going head-to-head in “Battle of the Sexes.” Katie and Kristen Johnston are teaming up against Donald Faison and Wayne Knight and answering gender-specific questions about the opposite sex.

“Give it up for my MFF Wayne Knight.” –Donald Faison

Adam Richman took on America’s biggest food challenges in his hit show Man Vs. Food, but now he’s showing us a different kind of wild and crazy. In Fandemonium, Adam takes us inside the world of super fans around the world.

You can find tailgates everywhere.” –Adam Richman

12-year-old scientist Sylvia Todd knows a thing or two about science, technology, engineering and math. She’s a viral sensation with more than 1.5 million views on Youtube and her own web show and has some pretty famous fans including President Obama. That’s why Katie thinks she is also One to Watch.

“I’ve always loved science ever since I was five.” –Sylvia Todd

Super awesome kid scientist Sylvia Todd is teaching Katie fun summer science projects that are easy to do at home. And, she’s showing Katie her robot creation.

“I just be myself.” –Sylvia Todd

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