Erin Brockovich, Phil Spector’s Wife & Love Behind Bars

Erin Brockovich breaks her silence for the first time since her OUI. What really happened the night of her arrest? Plus, love behind bars. The wife of convicted murderer Phil Spector – How they fell in love, got married – and why she’s standing by him ten years later. And, a newspaper columnist who fell in love with a man imprisoned for murder.

Shortly after studio legend Phil Spector was arrested for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, he meet 23-year-old aspiring musician Rachelle Short. The two immediately hit it off and married. Three years later, Rachelle watched from the courtroom as her husband was sentenced to 19 years to life behind bars.

“Nobody knows the real Phil Spector like I do.” –Rachelle Spector

To this day, Rachelle Spector still stands by her incarcerated husband, insisting he is innocent. What does she say it is like being married to a man behind bars?

“I know he’s innocent.” –Rachelle Spector

Falling in love with a man behind bars is not as strange as it seems. Men behind bars are approached to have relationships and even get married more often than one would think. There are even websites like Amy Friedman never imagined she would fall for a prisoner when she set out to write a column for her local newspaper. But something very unexpected happened and Amy ended up marrying a murderer.

“I lost my job…I lost a lot of things.” –Amy Friedman

Amy’s husband, Will, was released from prison five and a half years after they were married. The two tried to make their marriage work, but the outside life was too difficult and their marriage fell apart.

“He kept building walls around the house.” –Amy Friedman

Erin Brockovich became a famous environmental crusader after winning a $333 million settlement on behalf of families in Hinkley, California who believe their cancer and other illnesses were caused by contaminated drinking water. But recently she found herself in hot water of her own after being arrested for an OUI.

“I made a bad choice and a mistake and I’m very sorry for it.” –Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich’s recent arrest for operating a boat while intoxicated has sparked some to question the tireless work that made her famous. What is her reaction to this?

“I felt like it was a cheap shot.” –Erin Brockovich

Could you be living in an environmental danger zone? Erin Brockovich explains how you can find out.

“We’re going to try to help them help themselves.” –Erin Brockovich

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