Life After Lottery: Meet Some of the Biggest Lottery Winners Ever!

How mega-millionaires keep their lives on track while enjoying their newfound riches. From unemployed – to multi-millionaire! But what happens when the odds aren’t in your favor? Then, a family struck by tragedy finds themselves with a huge lotto payout. Was it just luck or divine intervention? And, get financial tips on what to do if you come into sudden wealth!

What is life like after winning the lottery? For some, it is a dream come true and for others it is the start of a nightmare. But either way, the new money changes everything. In 2009, a NASCAR-loving, unemployed contractor named Joe Denette from Spotsylvania County, Virginia picked up a ticket for the Mega Millions lottery. He hit it big, splitting a $225 million jackpot and pocketing almost $48 million after taxes. Since then, he’s been living the dream.

“Wow, I’m set for life.” –Joe Denette

Brad Duke from Boise, Idaho, was the second biggest winner of all time when he won $220 million in 2005. Katie was supposed to interview him then, but Hurricane Katrina derailed their plans.

“I didn’t anticipate I would win what I did.” –Brad Duke

Everyone has dreamed of winning the lottery at one point. Terry and Devon Dill from Taft, California did just that, but then found their dream was really a nightmare.

“Those were the darkest times.” –Terry Dill

Shirley Press was working as an emergency room doctor in Miami when she bought a lottery ticket in the hospital gift shop. She was stunned to find out that she had won $56 million. But the real surprise came after she collected the big jackpot when she realized that not everyone shared her joy at winning.

“It was scary.” –Dr. Shirley Press

The Cerezo family from outside Chicago was facing an unimaginable tragedy, but they believe a guardian angel stepped in to help them through.

“We will continue being really responsible for what we’ve been given.” –Ricardo Cerezo

What should you do if you win big and strike it rich? Robert Pagliarini, a financial advisor from Mission Viejo, California, specializes in helping people who come into sudden wealth.

“Don’t spend more than 10% of your win.” –Robert Pagliarini

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