I Survived: The Ultimate Survival Guide!

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How ready are you for an emergency or disaster? Hear extraordinary survival stories from people who came face-to-face with death and lived to talk about it. What you need to know to survive a car crash or hiking accident. And, Good Morning America’s Sam Champion offers tips on what to do when weather disasters strike.

23-year-old Mary Owen, Newburg, Oregon could not wait to climb Mount Hood, but her spring break adventure almost cost her her life when she decided to hike alone.

“I promised my dad I wouldn’t hike alone and I didn’t even think of that promise when I went up the mountain.” -Mary Owen

Imagine the sheer terror of being on a plane as it crashes to the ground not knowing what’s going to happen or if you’re going to make it out alive. That’s exactly what happened to pilot Les Gropp, his son Tol, Nathan Williams and Akec Arhets in central Idaho.

“I kept repeating myself and I think that’s when they knew I wasn’t quite right.” – Nathan Williams

It has been almost two years since one of the deadliest storms in the US. On May 22, 2011 an F5 tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri killing 161 people, destroying 8,000 homes, and 500 businesses. 12-year-old Mason Lillard was swept up in the brutal winds and lived to tell the story.

“I realized something was going wrong when it started to get really dark – like midnight dark.” -Mason Lillard

When a tornado like Joplin comes barreling through a community, you may just have seconds to react and protect yourself. ABC Weather Anchor, Sam Champion chimes in on mother nature’s wrath and tells us how we can be prepared.

“You have to be prepared to know what happens in the places that you live.” -Sam Champion

Unlike plane crashes, car accidents are in fact common. One out every four people will be in a car accident in their lifetime and one in 65,000 of those people will die. Thanks to heroism and amazing luck, Kelli Groves and daughters Sage and Mylo survived a harrowing car accident that left their vehicle hanging off the side of a bridge.

“She was smothered by the metal and debris….so much so that I couldn’t see her.” -Kelli Groves

Car crashes are extremely deadly, and it seems unthinkable to crash into a body of water. But 400 people die every year drowning in their vehicles. ABC News Correspondent Lisa Stark tells us how to get out of a rapidly sinking car.

“You have 30 seconds, maybe one minute to get you and your family out alive.” -Lisa Stark

Being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. Sam Kille, regional communications director at Red Cross tells us what we need to have on-hand in case of an emergency.

“Get a kit, make a plan, and be informed.” -Sam Kille

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