Rural Reality Showdown: Duck Dynasty vs. Swamp People!

All you city folk and all you country folk need to grab a jar of sweet tea, a little jambalaya and sit a spell because we’re headed down to Louisiana. We are checking out the family behind “Duck Dynasty” and getting to know “Swamp People’s” the Landrys, who spend most of their time on the water facing down not-so-friendly alligators.

The Robertson clan are the kings of rural reality and they’re smashing ratings records along the way. Almost 10 million people tuned in to see the third season finale of A&E’s Duck Dynasty. And although the Robertsons have turned duck hunting into a multi-million dollar business and reality TV phenomenon, the men of the family – Phil, Willie, Jase, Jep and Uncle Si – are still true to their humble southern roots.

“You seem a little dainty to be a duck girl.” –Phil Robertson

When you are dealing with a highly successful business and a big family, you need some strong women to hold it all together. Luckily, the Robertsons have exactly that in Miss Kay, Korie, Missy and Jessica.

“I’m a yuppie girl today.” –Miss Kay

For the past three seasons, we’ve watched the Robertsons run their family business and have a little fun. For season four, they are shaking things shake it up. How are they doing that that? By adding two more family members to the team, Al and Lisa Robertson.

“I’ve sort of been the outcast…‘cause I bathe regularly, wear deodorant.” –Al Robertson

Troy Landry and his sons Brandon, Jacob and Chase spend their days in the steamy bayou of southern Louisiana, surrounded by alligators. Not your idea of a good time? It is to them and to the millions of viewers who tune in to Swamp People every week.

“We the Amish of the swamp.” –Troy Landry

Are you team Swamp People or team Duck Dynasty? Pick a side because Katie is hosting “Rural Reality Feud”!

“I couldn’t get that for 10 million dollars.” –Troy Landry

Rural Reality shows have taken over our TV’s and DVR’s. Guilty pleasure or not, we’re addicted, but the rural concept isn’t entirely new. Andy Dehnart is a reality TV expert and the founder of and he is shedding light on the rural reality phenomenon.

“They are real people living their lives…they are totally relatable.” –Andy Dehnart

Phil Robertson started making duck callers by hand in 1972. Now he’s teaching Katie the art of calling ducks.

“If I told you this year’s sales you would say that was a good call on your part.” –Phil Robertson

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