The Little Couple’s New Baby & Laura Linney and the Cast of “The Big C”

There’s talk TV and then there’s TV everyone’s talking about, and this episode is all about the TV Katie can’t stop talking about.

Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold are two little people who have made a big impact, and inspired a lot of us along the way. They are the stars of TLC’s hit show The Little Couple.

“You grow up with something, you don’t know anything different.” -Jennifer Arnold

Bill and Jennifer always wanted to be parents and that dream finally came true when they adopted their son, William, from China.

“The biggest fear we had was he going to like us.” -Jennifer Arnold

From The Little Couple to The Big C, Showtime’s hit show that takes a not-so-serious look at a very serious topic: cancer. As the all-star cast winds down for the final season, called The Big C: Hereafter, the lead character, played by Laura Linney, is continuing to live in the moment.

“There is something about comedy and what comedy does.” -Laura Linney

Laura Linney isn’t the only star on The Big C. John Benjamin Hickey, Gabby Sidibe, Gabriel Basso and Kathy Najimi are also winding down for the end of their hit show.

“I didn’t really know how incredible the people I was working with were.” -Gabriel Basso

Katie loves playing games and loves watching TV, and Jason Silva is the perfect combination of both! He hosts the hit series Brain Games on National Geographic, which proves that seeing isn’t always believing.

“You see what you expect to see very often, not what is actually there.” –Jason Silva

Katie recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of General Hospital, one of the most popular daytime shows of all time. As part of the fun, Katie made her soap opera debut in a cameo, playing a devious “doctor” named Kelly Curtis. One of General Hospital’s most popular faces is the Emmy award-winning Nancy Lee Grahn.

General Hospital is back on the map.” -Nancy Lee Grahn

Now, to a very special edition of Follow Up Friday. A few days ago, Katie threw a baby shower for an audience full of moms to be. Just in case things got a little too exciting, she had some paramedics standing by. Turns out she didn’t need them during the show, but as soon as one mom-to-be left the studio, her baby decided to leave the womb. Stewart Goodbody gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Fiona Knight Israni.

“I didn’t think she’d be this early!” –Stewart Goodbody

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