Cashin’ In With Katie

You may be sitting on hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and not even know it! Katie teaches you how to cash in on money that might be hiding in your home with the help of experts who are revealing the potential treasure in your trash.

Have you ever wondered if a flea market find or a garage sale get might be worth real money, or at least a lot more than you paid for it? Many of us have old toys, books or antiques around the house that may be more treasure than trash. That’s why Katie is helping you cash in with the help of three experts: the Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter Jordan Hembrough and PBS’ History Detectives Elyse Luray and Tukufu Zuberi.

“People don’t realize what they have.” -Elyse Luray

Nick DiMola is an interior demolition and garbage removal guy from Queens who takes turning trash into treasure to the next level. Although he’s hired to remove the trash, he also keeps his fair share of it, and it’s worth a lot more than you’d think.

“You don’t find the treasure if you don’t get dirty.” -Nick DiMola

Everyone in the studio audience brought in something in that they found in their home or at a flea market. Could some of these items be worth serious cash? The experts are on the case.

“It’s always great to have a good baseball cause baseball is America.” -Tukufu Zuberi

The typical American family has $7,000 worth of unused merchandise, including clothing, furniture and new appliances, just sitting in their home. But sometimes those items end up stowed away, locked in storage units for decades and forgotten. That’s when the folks at Storage Wars come in, looking for loot behind locked doors. Bubba Smith, Victor Rjesnjanksy and Jenny Grumbles are three stars on Storage Wars: Texas.

“You got to buy what you know.” -Victor Rjesnjanksy

Katie sent the cast of Storage Wars: Texas out with a wad of cash to bid on a unit for the show. They only spent a total of $150 on the storage unit, but how much were they able to make?

“DVDs can sell really fast.” -Jenny Grumbles

Beth Feeback and Leo Guarente’s stories are going to make you want to run out and sift through your garbage to make sure you didn’t throw away thousands of dollars by mistake. Beth from Concord, North Carolina bought a low cost painting which ended up having serious value and Leo from Saugus, Massachusetts is a junk removal specialist who found big cash in the trash he was paid to remove.

“Cha-ching!” -Beth Feeback

Now that Katie has showed you how to turn your collectibles into cold hard cash, it is time to spend it with a new series called “Cashin’ in with Katie,” featuring exclusive deals just for Katie viewers. June Ambrose, celebrity stylist and author of Effortless Style, shows off the hot trends that Katie viewers can get for less!

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