Fighting for Family: The Gay Marriage Debate

Should gay people be allowed to get married? It’s a question that the United States Supreme Court is tackling at this very moment. Lately, more people seem to be warming up to the idea and a recent Pew poll found that 48% of Americans approve of gay marriage. However, despite how far we’ve come, 43% are still uncomfortable with it. Katie takes an in-depth look at what it means to be gay in America through the eyes of gay partners, gay parents and their children.

More and more gay people are choosing to become parents, but not where you might imagine. You may think gay parents are choosing cities like New York or San Francisco, but the latest U.S. Census revealed that the city with the highest concentration of gay families is San Antonio, Texas. Erika Casasola and Anel Flores are partners raising two daughters, 18-year-old Jessica and 14-year-old Klarissa, in San Antonio.

“We should all be given the choice to love.” -Anel Flores

What happens when the children of gay and lesbian parents grow up and leave the nest? 24-year-old Aliya Shain was raised in Brooklyn by her two moms, Jo-Ann Shain and Mary Jo Kennedy. They’ve been together for 31 years and got married a year and a half ago.

“Our families are equal.” -Aliya Shain

From the outside, Gideon Lewis-Krauss and his brother had an idyllic childhood raised by loving parents in New Jersey. But when Gideon was 19-years-old, his father, Rabbi Bill Kraus, dropped a bombshell. After being married for years and having children, Rabbi Kraus revealed that he was gay.

“I don’t think I heard him use the word gay as a self-descriptor probably for two years.” -Gideon Lewis-Krauss

Despite increasing acceptance, having a gay child can still be unnerving for parents and can also present unique challenges for the child. One study found that gay teens are five times more likely to commit suicide than their straight classmates. New York Times journalist John Schwartz and his wife suspected their son Joe was gay from the time he was in pre-school and Joe tried to take his own life at just 13-years-old.

“They’re still your kids. They’re the same person.” -John Schwartz

Should gay marriage in the U.S. be legal? An increasing number of Americans believe it should be, including a group of prominent Republicans who are speaking out on the matter. GOP strategist Nicolle Wallace explains the new conservative support for gay marriage.

“The conservative way to approach this is to want every family united in marriage.” -Nicole Wallace

It hasn’t always been easy having two dads for 10-year-old Sophia Bailey-Klugh from San Diego. After being made fun of in school one too many times, she decided she was going to do something about it and wrote a letter to President Obama. Sophia, Sophia’s dads, Jonathan Bailey and Triton Klugh, and her sister, Ava, would have never expected the response they got.

“If you were me and kids at school teased you because you had two dads, what would you do?” -Sophia Bailey-Klugh

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