Katie’s Life Cleanse: How to Detoxify Your Life

It seems like every day we hear another story about preservatives, additives, chemicals or toxins that have the potential to make us sick. Now, more than ever, people want to make the right choices so that they can have good health for themselves and their families. Jessica Alba wanted that too. When she was about to have her first baby, it was a wakeup call for her to find a life that could be summed up in two words: Pure and simple. The actress, entrepreneur and mom writes about all of this in her new book, The Honest Life.

“Most people had no idea that the environment could even have an impact on our health.” -Jessica Alba


How does Jessica keep her two daughters healthy? She reveals her trick to getting her kids to eat healthy treats loaded with fruits and vegetables.

“Make sure you get BPA free molds.” -Jessica Alba


New York City’s Cortney and Bob Novogratz are the home design world’s go-to couple for their signature style of mixing modern and vintage elements. In other words, they know how to reuse stuff and make it look cool. On top of that, they have seven kids!

“When it comes to style and decorating, we can all be mindful of products that are eco-friendly.” -Cortney Novogratz


The Archers, a family of four from Ardsley, New York, were in desperate need of Cortney and Bob’s help. They needed help transforming their basement, which was a “cautionary-tape disaster,” into an environmentally friendly paradise suitable for parents’ parties and kids’ play.

“It absolutely is a dream come true.” -Alex Archer


For six million children, everyday food items can be dangerous, even deadly, because they are allergic to things like peanuts, milk, eggs or wheat. In the cover story of a recent New York Times Magazine article, writer Melanie Thernstrom from San Francisco introduces us to Dr. Kari Nadeau, an associate professor of allergies and immunology at Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. Dr. Kari Nadeau is conducting an experimental trial that may offer these families something they haven’t had in the past: hope.

“We’re giving back the food that people are allergic to.” -Dr. Kari Nadeau


This episode is all about making changes to live a purer, healthier life. Sometimes those changes have to happen on the inside. We’ve teamed up with Dove to introduce you to women who should be famous for all the contributions they’ve made to their communities – women like Terry Corwin from Newport Beach. When she discovered her inner strength, she was ready to roar into action.

“We organize them in groups and empower them to do what they’re passionate about.” -Terry Corwin


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