Katie Comes Clean! Can She De-Stress Her Life?!

Overloaded and overwhelmed! Who couldn’t use a little help cleaning up that room, that closet, or that drawer that just won’t shut? Katie joins the millions of Americans who are inundated with clutter and lets cameras inside her home to reveal the ugly truth.

This day has been a long time coming. She has tried resisting, she has tried denying, but now it’s time for her to finally ‘fess up. Katie has a clutter problem. The problem is so bad that it was clear she was going to need some professional help, so Katie turned to expert organizer Jeffrey Phillip and Dr. Robin Zasio, author of The Hoarder In You and a therapist on A&E’s Hoarders.

“Physical clutter creates emotional clutter.” -Dr. Robin Zasio

After acknowledging a clutter problem, the next step to de-cluttering your life is breaking the cycle. Dr. Robin Zasio reveals the five rules Katie – and all of you – need to follow to keep the clutter away for good.

“When you bring something in, take something out to replace it.” -Dr. Robin Zasio

Do you know that we wear twenty percent of the clothes we own eighty percent of the time? The rest of our clothing just hangs there. So why not put what we’re not wearing to good use? Katie decided to do just that with the help of her stylist, Cynthia Gardner, and Angela Williams, vice president of workforce development for Dress for Success.

“It’s just all about women helping women.” -Angela Williams

Dress for Success is a great organization that gives women the tools they need to rejoin the work force, including finding the right outfit to wear to a job interview. We invited three clients of Dress for Success to spend the morning with Katie’s hair stylist, Dana Fiore, and makeup artist, Josie Torres. Katie’s stylist, Cynthia, helped each woman select the best outfit for her figure and style.

“Prepare, prepare, prepare.” -Angela Williams

Not all clutter takes up space on your desk, floor, or on the shelf. Your emails, social media, and photos all make up your digital clutter. Brittany Jones-Cooper, who has worked with Katie for several years and has helped Katie get her digital house in order, offers solutions to help you de-clutter your digital mess.

“There’s so much technology and social networks it’s hard to keep it organized.” -Brittany Jones-Cooper

Katie came clean about her clutter problem and expert organizer Jeffrey Phillip committed to helping her clean up her act. What are his tips for organizing your home and de-cluttering your life?

“Make it happen right away.” -Jeffrey Phillip

How did Jeffrey de-clutter Katie’s life? It’s time for the big before and after reveal!

“It needs a proper home.” -Jeffrey Phillip

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