A Katie Exclusive: Sue Paterno

Sue Paterno, widow of legendary football coach Joe Paterno, joins Katie for her first interview since the sex abuse scandal that rocked Penn State.

The Jerry Sandusky scandal shocked the nation, devastated a university community and tarnished the career of Joe Patern. When reports first surfaced that a former assistant football coach had abused young boys, people were stunned. The Penn State football program under Joe Paterno had been squeaky clean and extremely successful. But the arrest and conviction of long-time Paterno assistant Jerry Sandusky, on charges of sexually abusing young boys, turned the world of Penn State and the Paterno family upside down. Joe Paterno’s wife, Sue, has not spoken since the scandal broke and her husband died.

“Horror. Disbelief. It is still hard to accept.” -Sue Paterno

Katie visited Sue Paterno in State College, Pennsylvania and asked her whether her feelings about her hometown, fondly called Happy Valley by its residents, have changed since the scandal broke.

“I was totally devastated.” -Sue Paterno

While Katie was visiting State College, she also spoke with the Paterno children, Mary Kay, Diana and Jay. She asked the Paterno kids what it was like to grow up with the beloved “JoPa” as their father.

“Not for one minute did I think he did anything wrong.” -Diana Paterno Giegerich

Although Sue Paterno has not had the opportunity to meet with any of Jerry Sandusky’s victims, she tells Katie exclusively what she would say to them if she could. Plus, two of Joe Paterno’s former players fondly remember their coach.

“I’m praying for you.” -Sue Paterno

Jim Clemente is a former FBI agent from Los Angeles, California and is a leading profiler for sex crime investigations. He is also one of the inspirations behind the lead character on CBS’s hit show Criminal Minds. Jim explains how you can protect your children from pedophiles.

“If somebody wants to spend more time with your children than you do, that’s a red flag.” -Jim Clemente

A survey conducted at Penn State University reveals that 58% of graduates disapproved of the decision to fire long-time football coach Joe Paterno. ABC News senior national correspondent Jim Avila and Sports Illustrated legal analyst Michael McCann have both covered this story from the start and join Katie with an update on the case.

“They’re still not doing well.” -Jim Avila

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