Katie’s Surprise Holiday Giveaway Show

Katie Gives Back

Shhh… it’s Katie’s surprise holiday giveaway show! We wanted to make sure Hurricane Sandy didn’t completely ruin the holidays for the people who have already lost so much, so we filled our audience with women from some of the hardest-hit communities. These women thought they were joining us for a show about starting over in the New Year, but guess what? They’re in for a real surprise because we’re giving back with a big holiday giveaway!

“Katie’s Surprise Holiday Giveaway Show” is all about the things we love to give and the things we love to get. So let the giving begin! The very festive and very fashionable Carson Kressley revealed the first set of amazing gifts.

“Oh yes I did!” -Carson Kressley

For the next round of holiday surprises, actress, singer, and Broadway star Idina Menzel took on a very special new role as a Katie celebrity elf.

“It’s a “Katie” Keurig coffee maker!” -Katie Couric

When we think of holiday spirit, we definitely think of our next elf. Kathy Najimi is a ton of fun, incredibly talented and she absolutely jumped at the opportunity to come here and lend a hand.

“I’m shamefully over-excited!” -Kathy Najimi

We had one last surprise for our audience, but we thought it was just too big to introduce ourselves, so we enlisted a little bit of help from the Radio City Rockettes!


When Hurricane Sandy hit, it hit Hoboken, New Jersey, hard. A quarter of the city was flooded, destroying 1,700 homes and dozens of public buildings, including the Boys and Girls Club on Jefferson Street.

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Enter to win some of the amazing gifts from the show!

Facebook Exclusive: Enter to win a Google Chromebook by Samsung

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Katie Gives A Helping Hand to the Boys & Girls Club of Hoboken:

How You Can Help Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts

Lets Talk: Who in your life is most deserving of some holiday cheer this year?

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Get tickets for Idina Menzel’s December 31 NYE performance at the Disney Concert Hall in L.A. & NYC’s Carnegie Hall on January 13
Special thanks to Matthew Robbins for designing our holiday set

Liked Katie’s outfit? Check out her entire look:

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