The Dog Show with Carrie Ann Inaba!

Who let the dogs out? Woof!

This show is going to the dogs… literally!

There isn’t anyone who is a bigger dog lover than Carrie Ann Inaba. You may know her as a judge on Dancing with the Stars, but her steps to help animals earn her a perfect 10.

“I’m going to become successful… and I’m going to raise enough money to save as many animals as possible.” -Carrie Ann Inaba


Not only does Carrie Ann Inaba love animals, she is a huge advocate for them. She does a lot of work with animal shelters and her foundation, The CAI Animal Project, is dedicated to supporting the welfare of animals.

“All of my pets came from the shelter.” -Carrie Ann Inaba


Ruby and Gunner are two pets that give a whole new meaning to “rescue dog.” They have both been more than a best friend to their owners; they have been life savers. Ruby is a diabetic alert dog who keeps her owner, Faith, safe and Gunner helps his owner, Lt. Chet Frith, manage his PTSD.

“He understands when I am tense and allows me to get out of those situations.” -Lt. Chet Frith

Ever wonder what your pets are thinking? Well now you can find out! Sonya Fitzpatrick is a psychic who says she can communicate with animals. Click here if you want your pet read by Sonya!

“I literally use all of my senses to talk to animals.” -Sonya Fitzpatrick

Bobbi Giordano has worked for more than 40 years to run her own animal shelter on Long Island. After a lot of hard work, her dream came true two years ago when she opened Bobbi & the Strays. But then, in a matter of minutes, it all washed away.

“All we thought about was the animals.” -Bobbi Giordano


The animals at Bobbi & the Strays are in desperate need of finding their forever homes. Meet six of their incredible dogs. One of them may be the perfect addition to your family!


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