2012: The Year That Was

Facebook’s Biggest Stories Of The Year

Happy 12/12/12! Can you believe the year is almost over? To celebrate 2012, we take a look back at the good, the bad and the ugly, the OMG, LOL and the TBH (that’s “To Be Honest,” for those that don’t know!). We count down the biggest and best moments of 2012, as decided by you, teaming up with Facebook to exclusively bring you the most liked, linked to, commented on, posted and re-posted stories, people and ideas of the year.

Kate Aronowitz, Facebook’s director of design, explained the algorithms that Facebook used to figure out what you loved most in 2012. And Luke Russert, one of the top newsmen of the Facebook Generation, stopped by to talk about the top news events of the year.

“You sort of develop an understanding, ‘That person is not that different than me.’” -Luke Russert

To help us count down the most talked about movies, TV shows and more, we invited a panel of experts: CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Mo Rocca, E! News correspondent Alicia Quarles, editor-in-chief of Billboard magazine Joe Levy and host of The Daily Shot on Yahoo Ali Wentworth.

“It was the year of Channing, People’s Sexiest Man Alive.” -Alicia Quarles

Did you see any stories this year that made you wonder, “What were they thinking?” From Prince Harry’s Las Vegas exploits to General David Petraeus, there were definitely plenty in 2012.

“It was a good strategy. His name gained recognition.” -Mo Rocca

This year, millions of us turned to Facebook to mourn everything from celebrity deaths to the end of a favorite TV series. Take a look back at the people, and things we lost, in 2012.

“So much stuff goes back to what she did and made possible.” -Joe Levy

From Hurricane Sandy to brave first steps on the stage, the worst experiences brought out the best in some people in 2012. Steve St. Bernard and Mike Schramm are two everyday heroes of 2012. Steve is a bus driver who caught a little girl after she fell from a building and Mike is a firefighter who saved dozens of burning homes in Breezy Point during Hurricane Sandy, even as his own home was destroyed.

“You just did what you had to do. All of us did.” -Mike Schramm

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