Women Who Made Millions with a Simple Idea

Why didn’t I think of that?

How many times have you seen a new product and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” From cupcakes, to blowouts, to shoes that save space, find out how ordinary women took simple ideas and turned them into extraordinary success stories.

Alli Webb was a stay-at-home mom when she started blow drying her friends’ hair to make a little extra cash. That’s when she got a big idea, and that idea became a blowout. It wasn’t long before her little at-home business turned into the blowout empire, Drybar.

“I had a great problem on my hands.” -Alli Webb


Remember back in the ’80s when working girls put on their running shoes to save their feet from that walk to the office? Well, that was not a good look. But it did inspire Sarah and Jenifer Caplan to start a business that has swept the fashion world off its feet. The sisters came up with Footzyfolds, a foldable shoe to save space and soreness.

“Any reason that you could possibly think of, we figure out how to fit in that category.” -Sarah Caplan


The cupcake craze was well underway when Melissa Ben-Ishay started selling her cupcakes in 2008. But she still managed to take a big bite out of the market by downsizing the American favorite with her company, Baked By Melissa.

“Learn how to work harder than you are right now.” -Melissa Ben-Ishay


Kathy Kramer was a beauty editor at a fashion magazine when she decided she shouldn’t let a big belt buckle bulk up her skinny jeans “look” anymore. She created the Invisibelt, a flat, clear and undetectable belt that made her one million dollars in her first year.

“You do not know when you are going to have that fortuitous meeting with someone.” -Kathy Kramer

We asked our viewers if they had any big ideas to pitch, and three of them presented their ideas. The winner walked away with $10,000 for her business.

“Make sure you’re solving the problem of the person you’re trying to sell your idea to” -Susan Sobbott


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