Life After Murder: Ted Ammon’s Twins & The DC Sniper’s Ex-Wife

Mildred Muhammad was married to the man of her dreams, until he turned into a monster. She reflects candidly on her life with the DC sniper and how she’s been able to move on. Then, the family who seemed to have everything torn apart by betrayal and bloodshed. Greg and Alexa Ammon open up about their father Ted’s brutal murder and the publicity that surrounded the case.

Mildred Muhammad married, who she thought was, the perfect man. John Allen Muhammad had a mega-watt smile, was always courteous and his friends considered him the life of any party. But after joining the military and being deployed to Saudi Arabia in 1990, John returned home a different man. 10 years ago, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo went on a murderous shooting spree through the Washington, DC area. They would kill 10 and wound three more before being apprehended.

“ He said…‘You have become my enemy and as my enemy I will kill you.’” -Mildred Muhammad


John Allen Muhammad was stopped by authorities before reaching the person who could have been his next target, his ex-wife Mildred. Mildred explains how she found out that her ex-husband was the DC sniper and why he began his killing spree in the first-place.

“John’s motto was, ‘One shot, one kill to the head, never leave anyone behind.’” -Mildred Muhammad

In 2009, John Allen Muhammad was executed for the shooting spree. How did Mildred tell her four children that their father was a murderer? And how has she moved on from the terrifying experience?

“It was best to inform and empower than to have them have their heads in the sand.” -Mildred Muhammad


Just one year before DC sniper’s killing spree, another crime would capture the nation’s attention, the “Million Dollar Murder.” Ted Ammon was a larger-than-life Wall Street wiz who seemed to have it all, including five homes, six cars and a beautiful family. But he wouldn’t live to see his twins grow up.

“It’s hard to know that the last thing you said to your dad…is that you hated him.” -Alexa Ammon

In what played out like a made-for-TV movie, the twins would eventually learn that their step-father, and long-time family friend, Danny Pelosi, was responsible for the death of their father. Even more astonishing, Danny insists that their mother, who has since died of cancer, was behind the plot.

“I was just so convinced that he was innocent.” -Alexa Ammon

There actually is a happy ending for Greg and Alexa Ammon, but it wasn’t waiting for them in the U.S. The twins visited the Ukraine and the orphanage they were adopted from and discovered that they had a much bigger family than they thought.

“It was an intense experience for us.” -Greg Ammon


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