Miss America Hopeful Allyn Rose & Singer-Songwriter Ed Sheeran

Allyn Rose, a Miss America contestant, makes a radical medical move, deciding to remove both of her breasts with no sign of cancer based on her family history. Would you do it if it could save your life? Plus, singing-songwriting sensation Ed Sheeran on his rise to fame and what it’s like working with One Direction and Taylor Swift.

24-year-old Allyn Rose is the reigning Miss D.C. and a frontrunner for this year’s Miss America pageant. But as she prepares to go for the crown, her mind is focused on a much tougher competitor, cancer.

“I don’t ever want to face that fear.” -Allyn Rose


Is a preventive double mastectomy too extreme a measure to prevent breast cancer? And if breast cancer runs in your family, is this the right option for you? Dr. Eleni Tousimis, Chief of Breast Surgery at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, explained the pros and cons of the procedure.

“The number of women that are opting for this type of procedure is increasing.” -Dr. Eleni Tousimis


Dorothy Reed is a 13-year cancer survivor. Although there is a family history of breast cancer, Dorthy’s daughter Sharyce has decided to take a different approach to preventing breast cancer.

“My best option would be to live a healthier lifestyle.” -Sharyce Toppin

Like Allyn Rose, TV journalist E.D. Hill decided to have a preventive double mastectomy. She underwent the procedure almost three years ago and shared with us some of the things that Allyn can expect.

“That is no way to live your life.”-E.D. Hill

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has already topped the charts in the UK and he’s even performed for the Queen. Now he’s popped across the pond to take America by storm with a chart-topping single and collaborating with Taylor Swift.

“His lyrics are just absolutely relatable.” -Taylor Swift


Ed Sheeran not only has his own single, The A-Team, at the top of the chart, but he’s also making a huge name for himself as a songwriter, writing three hit songs for One Direction.

“It just kind of happened.” -Ed Sheeran

Everywhere Ed Sheeran goes, he gets a new tattoo. Right now, he’s at about 87 and counting and surprised us with his latest ink.

“There are three demons… this is the lesser of three evils.” -Ed Sheeran

Be Informed: How to Protect Your Breast Health

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