Vanished: Gone Without A Trace

There are at least 85,000 active missing persons cases in this country and 37,000 of them are children under the age of 18. We are talking about people who have vanished – disappeared without a trace – and the families who are desperately looking for any clue that will bring them home safely. Plus, “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh joined us and opened up about when his own child disappeared 31 years ago.

John Walsh knows first-hand the horror and helplessness a parent feels when a child disappears. It has been 31 years since his son Adam disappeared without a trace at age 6. And as host of America’s Most Wanted he has been part of the successful capture of more than 1,200 criminals.

“There’s no way to ever get over it.” -John Walsh

A year and a half-ago, then 20-year-old Indiana University student Lauren Spierer went missing. Her parents, Charlene and Rob Spierer, are still desperately looking for clues that will help solve the mystery of what happened to their youngest daughter.

“I’m frustrated and I’m angry at this point… We’ve been stonewalled.” -Rob Spierer


Charlene and Rob Spierer still believe there is a chance that their beloved daughter is alive. They have hired private investigators and retraced Lauren’s last steps and are urging anyone with information to come forward.

“I think that somebody that Lauren knew was responsible.” -Charlene Spierer

Phoenix Coldon was 23-years-old when she suddenly disappeared in December of 2011. Her parents Goldia and Lawrence have been searching for any potential lead that can help them find their daughter.

“I’ll do anything for Phoenix.”-Goldia Coldon

Not only have Goldia and Lawrence had to deal with the pain of not knowing where their daughter is, they’ve also had to endure cruel pranks as they’ve searched for leads in Phoenix’s case.

“I believe that Phoenix is alive somewhere.”-Goldia Lawrence


Becky and Sergio Celis are also living through every parent’s worst nightmare. Their six-year-old daughter, Isabel, vanished overnight right from their suburban Tucson home.

”We were already broken and they were trying to break us more.” -Sergio Celis

How can you protect your family from tragedies like this? John Walsh shared his tips and advice with us.

“Don’t assume it couldn’t happen to you.” -John Wlash


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