Deadly Dose: Could Your Prescription Drugs Kill You?

Susannah Cahalan’s mind and body were ravaged with a demonic possession, but doctors were unable to diagnose her hysteria. What caused mysterious spiral downward into madness? Plus, how deadly is your medicine cabinet? The startling truth that drugs prescribed by your doctor could be deadly. Dr. Sanjay Gupta breaks down the fatal combinations you need to know about.

What happened to Susannah Cahalan sounds like it is straight out of a psychological thriller. One day she was a happy, healthy 24-year-old reporter for the New York Post. Then, something suddenly changed and the next thing she remembers is waking up in a hospital room strapped to the bed.

“There was a million dollars worth of tests…But I was getting worse and worse.” -Susannah Cahalan

Susannah’s family and boyfriend remained by her side the entire time she was in the hospital, literally watching as she lost her mind and spiraled into madness.

“We thought we were going to lose her.” -Tom Cahalan


Millions of dollars were spent on tests to diagnose what was causing Susannah’s descent into madness. But no doctor was able to solve this medical mystery, until Dr. Souhel Najjar.

“It’s often under under-diagnosed.” -Dr. Souhel Najjar

From a medical mystery to your medicine cabinet and the dangers that could be lurking there. Did you know prescription overdoses kill more people than car accidents? In fact, more people die from prescription drug overdoses than from heroin, crack and methamphetamines combined. This growing epidemic sparked CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta to take action.

“This could kill you. Make no joke about it.” -Dr. Sanjay Gupta


Glamour magazine has been celebrating girl power for more than two decades, recognizing women who are making a difference in their annual Glamour Women of the Year Awards. Three of this year’s honorees include Olympic gold medalist Missy Fanklin, Oscar-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chino and J. Crew president Jenna Lyons.

“Find the thing you obsess about in your free time… that will make you happy.” -Jenna Lyons


Cindi Leive is the editor-in-chief of Glamour and has been working on the Women of the Year Awards since their beginning in 1990. Cindi, Missy, Sharmeen and Jenna shared their advice with the young women in our studio audience.

“Never take no for an answer.” -Sharmeen Obaid-Chino

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