Do You Believe In Miracles?

Incredible, inspiring stories

Do you believe in miracles? Can extraordinary things happen to ordinary people? We teamed up with Reader’s Digest to bring you this year in miracles. These stories are not about magic, visions or supernatural forces, but are incredible tales that defy explanation and truly inspire us.

Jake Olson is a teenager from Huntington Beach, California, who lost his sight when he was young, but against incredible odds, never lost sight of his dream to become a professional golfer.

“My goal is to be the first blind golfer on the PGA tour.” -Jake Olson

When 23-year-old Michael Crowe became gravely ill, doctors told him he needed an emergency heart transplant to survive. Luckily, a heart became available. But the very day he was scheduled to go into surgery, something truly remarkable happened – his doctors discovered that his heart had literally healed itself.

“I definitely appreciate life and can see how precious it is.” -Michael Crowe

Before Marine Sergeant Jeremy Cooney left for his deployment to Afghanistan, he and his wife Melissa received a disappointing diagnosis. Doctors told them that their son Michael, who has cerebral palsy, would never walk. But when Marine Sergeant Cooney came home from his tour, he was greeted with a miraculous surprise.

“Once he started walking, we were like, ‘What else can he do?’” -Marine Sergeant Jeremy Cooney


When Danielle Hatherley Carroll accidentally threw away her wedding ring, she thought it was gone forever. But when New York City sanitation worker Gary Gaddist heard her story, he did something most people would never do. He searched through all the garbage in his truck until he found her ring.

“I just kind of went on faith… It’s impossible, but possible.” -Gary Gaddist

Not all miracles are unexplainable. Sometimes people make their own miracles happen. The day Joshua Johnson got his acceptance letter from college was one of the happiest in his life, but he had no idea how to pay for it. But with hard work, talent, ingenuity and a few steps in the right direction, Joshua was able to make his dream come true.

“New York City by itself is always a platform to show what you’re made of.” -Joshua Johnson


These miraculous stories of resilience and hope were a big inspiration to our studio audience. Katie opened up the floor the audience so they could ask a few questions of their own.

“I don’t care how much tuition is, I’ll be there.” -Joshua Johnson


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