Confronting A Dark Past

Some memories are so painful and horrible that they are kept hidden or suppressed completely for years. Kim Wohlert and Keyon Dooling have shocking and painful pasts, but eventually they realized that the only way to move on was to confront their dark secrets head on.

Kim Wohlert was tormented by the memory of a terrifying murder that kept her prisoner to her mother for nearly 30 years.

“She wanted me to pull the trigger.” -Kim Wohlert

Kim’s mother asked her to do the unthinkable when she was just 12-years-old – participate in a brutal murder. Kim opened up to Katie about what happened after that fateful day, and why it took her so long to break her silence.

“I just figured nobody cared.” -Kim Wohlert

Eventually, Kim reached a breaking point. 27 years after her mother drugged, shot and buried her own husband in the backyard, she was brought to justice. Kim talked to Katie about the sting operation that eventually ended in the arrest of her mother.

“I am strong, I am smart and I am whole.” -Kim Wohlert

On the surface, it seemed like Keyon Dooling had it all. Married to his high school sweetheart and father of four beautiful children, he played 12 seasons in the NBA. In July, he agreed to play another year with the Boston Celtics, but within a matter of weeks he walked away from it all. No one understood why, but a deep pain had been unlocked in Keyon. He spoke candidly to Katie about the memories of sexual abuse that suddenly came flooding back.

“That hurt, you take it with you in your adulthood.” -Keyon Dooling


Keyon’s abuse wasn’t an isolated incident. Beginning at 5-years-old, the sexual abuse continued throughout his adolescence. Keyon talks about the prevalence of sexual abuse and how it’s impacted his marriage to Natosha and his family life.

“When it happens so young, you think it’s routine.” -Keyon Dooling

Keyon says that he’s not the only one in the NBA who’s suffered abuse in the past, and has actually acted as therapist for some of the other players. He talks to Katie about the “code of silence” that keeps people from reporting abuse.

“Nobody ever talks about it or wants to go get help for it.” -Keyon Dooling


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