Tyler Perry & “Secret Sex Lives” Author Suzy Spencer

Tyler Perry is one of the most powerful people in Hollywood. And now the “Madea” funny-man is turning into an action star in his latest role in “Alex Cross.” Plus, you won’t believe what’s going on behind closed doors in America. “Secret Sex Lives” author Suzy Spencer tells all!

Tyler Perry is one of the most prolific and influential people in Hollywood. With 14 movies and counting, he has built an entertainment empire and was the highest-paid entertainer of 2011, according to Forbes magazine. But getting there wasn’t necessarily easy. Tyler opens up about his childhood, and how he was able to overcome the odds.

“ I have no other explanation for this but the grace of God.” -Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is most famous for his role as the no-nonsense “Madea,” a grandma in a moo-moo and gray wig. But in his new movie, James Patterson’s “Alex Cross,” he’s an action star. It’s the first movie he only acts in, rather than writes, directs or produces like usual.

“I get to show such range of emotion.” -Tyler Perry

The death of Whitney Houston impacted us all, especially Tyler, her close friend. Tyler has since cast Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, in a reappearing role in his comedy series “For Better or Worse.” Katie asked Tyler how Bobbi Kristina is coping with the loss of her mother.

“I just want to make sure her daughter has every chance to succeed.” -Tyler Perry

You may know Tyler for his movie roles, but he also has a big role as a real-life superhero, donating millions to those in need. He had no idea that we invited some of the people he’s helped to thank him in person on the show.

“He’s an angel. He’s our angel here on earth.” -Yolanda


Suzy Spencer, a journalist from the South, decided to investigate what’s really going on behind closed doors in America. She chronicles her startling revelations in her new book “Secret Sex Lives.” It all started with a posting on Craigslist: Need to talk about sex. What unraveled over the next several years you have to hear to believe. And what Suzy discovered about American sex lives, and herself, may shock you.

“They just have these fantasies that maybe they go out and fulfill.” -Suzy Spencer

In the process of writing “Secret Sex Lives,” Suzy took reporter involvement to a whole new level when she became involved with one couple she was interviewing. Emily and Griff insist they’re just your ordinary American family except for one small thing – they’re swingers. They insisted on appearing on the show in disguise.

“You can be resurrected.” -Suzy Spencer

“Secret Sex Lives” makes it clear that there are a lot more flavors than just vanilla out there. But are all these choices healthy for a relationship or can they take an emotional toll on the individuals involved? Dr. Debby Herbenick , a sexual health educator at The Kinsey Institute and the author of “Sex Made Easy,” joined us to talk about impact of sexual games on a relationship.

“The only thing normal about human sexuality is variation.” -Dr. Debby Herbenick

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