Katie’s At Home Show

It’s a party at Katie’s place!!

Each day, “Katie” viewers welcome Katie into their homes, so now it’s her turn!

It was a very different type of Katie today! Since you all invite Katie into your homes every day we thought it would be fun to do an entire show from her apartment for a change. We surprised some of Katie’s biggest fans by including them in our audience – right in Katie’s home. And things got pretty crazy!

“All aboard the Katie coach!” –Donald Trump

We kicked off the party with the hilarious Jimmy Fallon, talking about everything from his wildly successful career to what’s on tap next.

“Guys are really embracing the role of dad more.” –Jimmy Fallon

Next, Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen joined the party for some good old fashion fun – games!

Everyone then crammed into Katie’s kitchen to make one of Katie’s all-time favorite dishes, meatloaf. Food Network’s Sunny Anderson showed us how to make her very special Meatloaf Is the Way to My Heart As Long As It Has Kick and Potatoes Are Around recipe. And you’ll never guess who stopped by for the taste-test!

“It’s a little like cannibalism.” –Meatloaf

Next, we headed into Katie’s bedroom. About 70 million Americans have trouble sleeping at night, including Katie. Sleep specialist Dr. Michael Breus tells us why our bedrooms may actually be to blame.

When we do the show in Katie’s home, you never know who is going to drop in. The show ended with surprise performance from a very special guest (and Katie’s teenage crush) that even Katie didn’t know about!

“I think I love you!” -Katie

Let’s Talk: Who are your dream dinner guests?


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