Aimee Copeland’s Survival Story

Defying the odds

Aimee’s battle has defied the odds, demonstrating that a truly positive attitude, persistence and an unrelenting belief in oneself makes moving on from tragedy a very real possibility.

Today on Katie, we met the extraordinary Aimee Copeland, a 24-year-old Georgia native who lost parts of all of her limbs to a flesh-eating bacteria.

What you’re about to witness would have seemed inconceivable just a few months ago. Aimee Copeland defies odds and walks across the Katie stage before sharing her remarkable survival story with us.

“You take for granted how wonderful it is just to look people in the eyes”

Aimee bravely opens up about her injury and how what should have been a fun day outdoors with friends ended up changing her life forever.

“I love life, it’s a beautiful thing”

Katie described Aimee’s positive outlook best when she said, “What you don’t have is so eclipsed by what do you have.”

Aimee’s family joined her Aimee on stage, talking about how she’s been an inspiration, and able to encourage them during this difficult time.

While all the small mundane tasks she once took for granted, like brushing her teeth and driving, now pose an enormous challenge, we hope this gift from a special friend will help make her recovery just a little bit easier.

Learn more about Aimee Copeland and read her father Andy’s blog at

When all odds are against you, how do you find the courage to persevere?